Here is a listing of some of Joe's most Popular Presentations 
Business Planning Preparations
Being of Value--Is Your Business Real or a Perception?
Excellence in Defining Your Business Offering
Enterprise-wide Planning
A Systematic Way of Looking at the Business Opportunities
A Return on Investment (ROI) for the Black Community
Black Business, the Black Community and Inner-city Commerce
The 5% Solution for Investing through Spending in Black Business Success
Arming the Black Community for Success with CITIworks
Each keynote of workshop session can be customized with relevant examples, anecdotes and solutions to match your audience.  Just ask!
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About Joe Hudson
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​"Joe Hudson's perspective and ideas on creative strategies for successful black businesses in urban cities is backed by his more than 40 years of rebuilding cities and communities through business development--is proven and well documented.  His 5% Solution Strategy in economic distressed communities deserves thoughtful consideration from a man whi is committed to finding solutions and not just talking about them."

Shirley Franklin, Former Mayor of Atlanta

Endorsements of Joe Hudson and CITIworks and the 5% Solution Strategy
"For several decades America has looked to Atlanta as the vanguard city in the renaissance of Black-owned businesses during the post civil-rights era.  Inside Atlanta, it is widely known that Joe Hudson was intricately involved in making every major battle and achievement which leveled the playing field for Blacks.  Now his new book shares his story and insights with the world.  Everyone should read it and act on its fundamental lesson, i.e. by spending more with Black-owned businesses, racial equality in wealth, income and business ownership would be reduced significantly--almost overnight!"

Thomas "Danny" Boston, Georgia Tech economist, CEO of EuQuant and publisher of

"Joe Hudson is a visionary, a thinker, an endorser, and motivator who has spent his life paving the road for others to follow.  I applaud his dedication to Black business and economic development in the Black community.  His messages are clear:  You cannot heal the body without concentrating on the parts.  The Black community has the expertise to be a change agent for itself.  Individual benefit is good, but collective benefit is great!  To make something happen, you've got to get moving, get going and get5 involved.  CITIworks and the 5% Solution Strategy will cause you to think about the stage that has been set for our communities.  After reading this book you must decide the role that you will play in the redevelopment process."

Leona Barr Davenport, President, Atlanta Business League

" Joe Hudson's concept identifies an approach that is truly essential in community development.  It is relevant and a timely mandate to revitalize African American and low wealth communities nationally.  It's imperative that entreprenership and economic stability be the driving force in the resurgence in our neighborhoods.  Thanks for your brilliant demonstration of love and commitment."

Yvonne "Shade" Jones, Neighborhood Planning Unit -L Chairperson, City of Atlanta