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To the website of Joseph R. Hudson business innovator who leads the entrepreneurs "Who Knows What To Do List" & Father ofThe 5% Solution Strategy.
Joe is a Strategist and Organizational Architect who helps entrepreneurs, organizational developers, and community leaders transform their activities into useful functional plans for overall success.  He makes plain the strategies for increasing the commerce and value of the inner city community and  its businesses. He can do this because he's probably done it!
Joe is unique in that he has done such things as: (1) Buy a franchise with no out of pocket money (2) Began a business by "Homesteading it" in other words he just took over and began to operate another business where he built it from $500 to over $1M in one year!.  He did what the people did in the old west--just moved in!  You have to ask him about these experiences, they are great stories in strategic thinking.
But today, Joe is embarking on the major challenge of his life the "advocacy of the Black business" as the tool to lead our cities out of their economic doldrums using  his planning tool CITIworks and its implementation toolThe 5% Solution Strategya phase he coined.
CITIworks and The 5% Solution Strategyencourages the revitalization of local communities through an increase of spending with Black business by 5% as a tool for the creation of jobs and associated community development benefits.  The Black business must also increase its spending with other Black businesses and increase its support of community organizations by 5% Annually.

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